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Callista Greeff


Callista has been working in the recruitment industry for over 10 years, after completing a B.Com Human Resource Management Degree. Since then she has grown in her passion for strategic consulting and continued in the field by completing an Honours degree in Strategic Management. She loves meeting new people and sees challenges as opportunities for fresh perspective, which is where Zeal HR was born. She saw a gap in the market for strategic HR and business partners and offering more than just a short term recruitment service. She envisions empowering employees and clients alike to create a favorable environment for growth in a business and a personal sense. She believes in quality over quantity and enjoys building relationships and matching scarce skills with the correct culture, as opposed to just filling a seat. She loves the African Proverb: If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.


Cathy van der Merwe


Cathy is an HR and Recruitment Consultant with over a decade's in-depth HR experience. She was appointed as Recruitment Manager and HR Generalist at some of South Africa's leading universities, which gave her exposure to training, induction programs, 360 degree recruitment, job description writing, performance management, job evaluations, labour relations as well as HR related legislation.


Her two Honours' degrees, one in HR Management and the other in Corporate Communication, allows her to view projects from a variety of angles. She has a passion for recruitment and headhunting and has been involved with several international clients on a variety of HR/recruitment related ventures. Cathy places high value on networking, which enables her to stay abreast of the latest trends in the industry. In her spare time she writes blogs on HR matters.

Her motto is 'Carpe diem' and she welcomes adventure!


Maryke Brassel


Maryke has been working in the recruitment industry for more than a decade and has in-depth knowledge of recruitment processes and have developed a real passion for the recruitment and HR industry as a whole and anything to do with technology.   She loves meeting new people and investing in long term relationships and uses challenges to grow.  She thrives on making a difference on all levels and believes in personal integrity and being authentic.  She delivers quality of service and always keen to learn new things.


Nita Müssmann


Nita initially started working in the Public Relations industry after completing her Diploma in Public Relations. Thereafter she pursued a career in recruitment and has never looked back! She has gained most of her experience in the medical field, but has been working in other fields the past year including Finance, General Administration, Engineering, Sales and Construction. She is passionate about relationships and loves taking up new challenges. She strongly believes research is key, understanding the company culture and the people you work with is of the utmost importance. She is committed to making sure the client and the candidate is the perfect long-term fit and will go out of her way to deliver efficient and quality service.


Deidre Jordaan


Deidre is a born and bred Recruiter! She is quick off the mark and understands the industries she works with in order to make better matches. She has been working in the recruitment industry for 14 years and has specialised experience across various industries including IT, Finance, Engineering, FMCG as well as Manufacturing and Production. She is passionate about people, building long-term relationships and making a difference by helping others. She loves being part of a growing team, working hard and having fun in the process. She welcomes a challenge and the opportunity to learn something new.


Wilna Marais


Wilna obtained her degree in Industrial Sociology at the University of Pretoria and holds a post graduate qualification in Labour Law. She is a strong HR generalist that comes with a wealth of diversified skills and knowledge within the discipline. She has worked within businesses that range from small family owned entities to corporate multinationals. With over 10 years’ experience in the HR field of which over 5 years has been at executive level, Wilna understands the value that HR strategic business partnering can bring to the bottom line. She is passionate about the end-to-end HR function, from identifying and recruiting the correct talent, making sure talent is utilised optimally, right through to IR solutions to ensure that businesses remain streamlined.  Wilna is an all-rounder with a strong commercial and strategic orientation, whilst not losing focus of operational requirements. She has worked in the Wholesale, Retail, Security, Finance, IT and Manufacturing industries, and thrives on finding innovative out of the box solutions to problems. Her work ethic reflects one of her favourite quotes – “Go the extra mile, it is never crowded.”


Marié Schrenk


Marié started her career in her field of studies, being corporate public relations, whereafter the Recruitment bug got hold of her!  She has been a Recruitment Professional for over 20 years, with generalist recruitment experience gained within national, as well as international clients. Her sector-specific experience ranges from Engineering, Mining, Manufacturing, Renewable energy, ICT, Environmental and Financial Services, to name a few.


She has gained extensive Management and Business Management experience over the years and believes that people crave personal and professional contact, with someone who understands their needs!  She realizes, that in an ever-changing world, sourcing, networking and head-hunting from the ‘front of the flock’, is what sets us apart. 


Marié is an adventurous soul, who loves nature and travelling and believes in always staying grounded! “Wherever you go, there you are”, so be the best you can be, now! – Confucius


Chivah Jones


Chivah is a friendly, attentive and dedicated individual with over 10 years’ experience within the recruitment industry. Her career kicked off within IT recruitment and later moved onto the generalist space. She offers amazing insight into recruitment structures, support and the overall management of the recruitment cycle. She has also gained exposure within the online tutoring industry, where she was training and recruiting Tutors. She is passionate about helping people and finding the ideal fit for client and candidate and improving the overall recruitment experience. She is a valued asset as internal support to the Zeal HR team as well as our clients and candidates.

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